Language Arts

Elementary Language Arts

Elementary students engage in many language arts and mechanics activities which promote an expanded vocabulary, good writing skills and an appreciation of a wide variety of literary genres.  Students are instructed in such basic skills as writing complete sentences, identifying the different types of sentences, using proper capitalization and punctuation, constructing paragraphs using the five-sentence format and identifying and writing different types of paragraphs.  Students also learn to write essays of all types, compose letters, and design and present oral reports.   As they study different genres of literature, they are presented with a wide variety of book report formats.   They learn to read, write and recite different forms of poetry.   They create their own stories, drawing on their studies of such literary forms as fable, myth, legend, fairytale and tall tale.  Older students also learn to write project proposals, design audio and visual aids for presentations, proofreading, editing, self-publishing and even book-making.

It is our goal to instill in the children an appreciation of literary forms and to provide them with the skills they need to be competent writers.