The computer lab is an exciting area for many of our students.  We maintain 8 work stations with up-do-date laptops which remain in the computer lab. In addition, there are four Roamer robots for the students to program and solve problems.

Children begin weekly computer classes when they are in level one.  They start with the basics of proper computer operation, major parts of a computer system, word processing and keyboarding, then progress to more difficult tasks such as drawing, and creating a slide show. Students in levels 5 and above also study Computer and Internet History, and create web pages using HTML.

We use Office 2016 for word processing, graphics, slide shows, spreadsheets, and more. All students are assigned a flash drive to store their personal documents and will bring it home at the end of the year.

A computer open house is held each spring so that parents can join their child(ren) in the lab and enjoy a live demonstration of their projects and accomplishments.