Dropping off / Picking up Students

The traffic flow and congestion is a serious problem at drop-off and pick-up times. We feel we have put much energy and time into finding solutions for helping to make the arrival and dismissal times easier and less hazardous for parents. One of the first things we did was to ask for advice from both police officers and city traffic department representatives about the installation of speed signs. We were told that we could have a “Slow School Zone” sign installed but not speed bumps, crosswalks, and speed signs or a crosswalk going across Pocahontas Ave. at the corner (we were able to get one painted across Hatteras St.). The traffic engineering and transportation department helped us get a loading zone approved. They painted the curb white to designate that it is to be used for a 3 minute drop off area for before school arrival and after school departure. Teachers are on duty to greet parents, sign children in and take them to the classroms so that parents can stay in their car and be on their way quickly. From 8:00 to 8:30 cars may not park in the front of the school for longer than the three minutes it takes to drop off their children. If you wish to bring your child into the school you must park in an appropriate location on the street and walk with your child into the school. For all the reasons above, we summarized our policy in the Parent Handbook which is given to each family with the enrollment packet in July.

Officer Brown from the San Diego Police Department has advised us about the hazardous driving situations that sometimes exist at arrival and dismissal time at our school. Following are some of the most serious ones:

  • Making U-turns in the middle of the street where there is less than 200ft. clearance;
  • Double parking;
  • Parking in crosswalks;
  • Parking across the street and running across traffic to the school side of the street;
  • Not only are parents teaching their children unsafe driving and parking practices, but also they are putting themselves and others in danger, as well.

The officer also warned us that traffic violation tickets will be issued for violations of the above. We understand some parents have already received such tickets.

We ask your cooperation in driving safely and helping us alleviate this serious problem.