The computer lab is an exciting area for many of our students.  We maintain 8 work stations with PC laptops which remain in the computer lab. In addition, levels 5 and 6 have access to a classroom computer, while middle schoolers use their own devices.

Children begin weekly computer classes when they are in level one.  Through their elementary years, students progress through touch typing, computer generated art, coding, Microsoft 365, and computer hardware and history. In upper elementary and middle school, students begin to move into more online centered content. In addition to learning concrete skills using Google Suites programs and using search engines to find reliable resources, students are taught about online safety and digital citizenship.

Students are often given free choice at the end of each computer lesson. This does not mean doing anything they want on the Internet. This means students have a choice from the various activities listed in the syllabus or a teacher approved website or app.

All students use a highly filtered Wi-Fi which also blocks all social media, video games, and chat websites.

A computer open house is held each spring so that parents can join their child(ren) in the lab and enjoy a live demonstration of their projects and accomplishments.

For more information regarding the course content, please read the course syllabus.