A good book is the best of friends. – English Proverb


There’s something comforting about a room with lots of books on the shelves, and our library is a bright, cozy space, well stocked with picture books, early readers, novels, and collections of various kinds.  Each morning the room also serves as a parent room where adults can linger and chat over freshly brewed coffee until 9:00.  Parents might also be interested in browsing our parent-teacher section for ideas and answers to questions.

Fostering a love of books and reading is enormously valuable.  Clearly, the more children read, the more they know, the better they write, and the better they do in school.  But it is not only an academic concern.  Children who enjoy reading are developing an all-encompassing life skill that will bring them great pleasure, information, and comfort in later years.  It’s a skill that will help them remain engaged in the world around them.

Our librarian, Ms. Clevenger, brings the younger children to the library for story time.  The older children have the opportunity to seek assitance in selecting age appropriate reading materials or obtain recommendations for books that they might not otherwise have considered.

As far as our library rules are concerned, children in grades 3 and up are allowed to check one book out at a time.  Younger children may check out two picture books with a parent or guardian.   The books are due two weeks from the date of checkout and students will be informed if a book is overdue.

Do remember that while it is important that children develop responsible habits in their treatment of books and in returning them on time, please do not be overly concerned if books are late.  Our main goal is for children (and parents) to USE the library.

“The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.”  – Mark Twain