Science 9-12

For the 9 to 12 program, zoology and botany are joined to become the study of biology.  Older students are introduced to the broader and more inclusive Five Kingdoms (prokaryotes, protists, fungi, animal and plant), and do a variety of written researches, projects and experiments for each of the kingdoms.  They study cells, cell structure and function in depth.  They design their own cell models.  They also look at plant tissues and their functions.  Non-flowering plants and their methods of reproduction are presented at this level.  Students also study human anatomy and look at comparative functions of animal systems.  Nomenclatures, charts, research cards, books and other resources and materials aid in the presentation of these subjects and the independent research and experiments that follow.  Sixth grade students study the Human Reproductive System as a part of the biology curriculum.  Parents may preview the HRS program before giving permission for their children to take this class.

Science studies also include an introduction to chemistry and the Periodic Table.  Students perform a variety of chemistry experiments.  We believe that providing a strong foundation in the sciences will provide the child with a sense of his or her place in the natural order.