Emergency Info

School Closure

In case of natural disaster or city wide emergencies requiring school closure, communication with parents can be difficult.  When we are unable to communicate directly with parents, because of phone, power, or internet outages, our school will follow the closure plans that are announced by San Diego City Schools.  Because of their size, they have the means to communicate through the mass media, such as radio and television.  We will align our actions with theirs in regards to closing school and when to safely reopen.

Emergencies During School Hours

Should a disaster occur during school hours we will remain with the children until parents are able to get here.  Each classroom is prepared with food, water, and emergency supplies that will last for several days.  The school has a well developed emergency plan to keep the students as safe and as comfortable as possible.

In an emergency, all school gates and doors will be locked.  Parents and others will not be permitted to freely move about the area.  The back gate on Hattaras Street will serve as the reunion station.  Parents should come to school as quickly as it is safe to do so to pick up their children.  Children will be released only to people listed on the Disaster Information Card (which is provided each year at enrollment).

During a crisis, school phones may not be manned or operational for incoming calls.