School Philosophy On Relations With Children

The staff of Maria Montessori School follows Montessori principles and practices in relating to children and others. We recognize the characteristics of the child in each plane of development and cooperate with, rather than go against, the directives Nature is giving the child. Independence for each child is a primary goal, and one of our major responsibilities is to assist each child on his/her pathway to independence.

All of our staff is responsible for establishing a positive rapport with all of our students, Primary, Elementary and Secondary, regardless of in which division the teacher works. Children have the right to be treated with love, respect, and dignity. Physical or verbal harshness, abusive criticism, disrespectful commands, teasing, overreacting to misbehavior, and excessive disciplinary measures, do not have a place in any Montessori classroom/school.

Teacher’s personal beliefs, such as religious views, philosophy, politics, and controversial issues are in no way forced on the child. Teacher’s are diligent in establishing a relationship with the students that is professionally based. Teacher’s do not discuss personal aspects of their private life. Teachers interact with each child from a place of wisdom, compassion, and knowledge, as well as set limits and maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect with the children at all times.