Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of our program, Maria Montessori Secondary (Grades 7 & 8) students will be:


  • Become a self-directed, composed, moral and independent person
  • Develop physical and emotional well-being
  • Demonstrate responsibility for their learning and actions
  • Maintain a safe environment in which all are free to learn from their mistakes and remain reflective and open-minded


  • Examine fundamental issues
  • Identify problems and solutions
  • Recognize and examine moral and ethical issues
  • Apply knowledge to experience and experience to knowledge
  • Integrate knowledge from various subject areas
  • Become creative, critical, and evaluative thinkers


  • Master essentials of effective reading, writing, speaking, listening, calculating, and computing
  • Demonstrate effective use of media, aesthetics, quantified data, and technologies
  • Access, retrieve, analyze, and present information


  • Design, implement, and participate in projects to improve our school and community
  • Demonstrate respect and care of self and others
  • Engage in the exchange of ideas, information,and talents with peers and others

Citizens of our Nation

  • Know, apply and value the history and principles of our nation
  • Acquire and evaluate information about issues and concerns
  • Propose thoughtful solutions to local, national, and world problems

Within a Global Society

  • Respect and value the human dignity of every individual
  • Be adaptable to changes in society, technology, and employment
  • Organize people, events, and other resources to implement innovation and change
  • Acquire the skills of a life-long learner